air fresheners may be harmful to your health

Your sweet-smelling home may be upping your risk of serious health issues, including cancer. whether you want your house to smell like clean laundry or a meadow at dawn, rest assured, there’s an air fresheners for that. But did you know that your sweet-smelling air fresheners may be damaging your health?

Air Fresheners Might Cause Health Issues
Air Fresheners Might Cause Health Issues

Air-fresheners all contain standard, commercially available chemical compounds responsible for neutralizing odors and creating their scent.

4 Common Air Fresheners Chemicals


Unfortunately, ‘fragrance’ is an umbrella term and can include many, many toxic chemicals that are mixed together, to mask the smell of the other toxins in the product.

fragrance is linked to allergies, asthma and other respiratory concerns, hormone disruptions and may be linked to reproductive issues.



It is a chemical used in many household products and building materials. It’s also used as a fungicide, disinfectant and preservative in medical labs.

Its Immediate reactions might include skin irritations, coughing, burning in the eyes, nose and throat, or nausea. But the long-term effects can be much more grave. The Environmental Protection Agency says that chronic exposure can be linked to allergic contact dermatitis, respiratory lesions and even cancer. More specifically, the National Cancer Institute outlines studies where researchers have found links between formaldehyde and leukemia.

3. BHT

Most of the cosmetics, cleaning products contains the BHT.

It can potentially damage our livers and kidneys. It can mimic the effects of estrogen and inhibit male sex hormones. And it can promote the growth of tumours.


It is used synthetically in perfumes and dyes, as a preservative in fruit and fish, and as a solvent in the rubber, tanning and paper industries. It is connected to allergies, asthma, cancer and skin and respiratory irritation, plus it may cause problems to our reproductive systems. Check

Environmental concerns of using air fresheners

Almost every single household item has some component which is harmful to the environment.
From the plastic wrapping on a block of cheese to the circuit boards in your electronic devices, plastic compounds and toxins abound.

  • Air-fresheners are no different in that respect.
  • Production Process requires energy and water
  • They contain plastic wrapping, they come with plastic lids.
  • The packaging alone creates waste and is something from which we cannot simply escape.

Manufacturers can consider using recyclable plastics and packaging as a selling point that will be attractive to the environmentally-conscious consumer.

How can consumers mitigate the harmful effects of air-fresheners?


Find the source of the odour. Air fresheners don’t destroy odours, they just cover them up by messing with our sense of smell. Discover what is making your environment so stinky – dirty laundry, a messy sink, a household pet that rolled around in the mud? – and clean it up


If something is smelly, use nature’s air freshener – actual fresh air!

Activated Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

Activated charcoal filters are small pieces of carbon, typically in granular or powdered block form, that have been treated to be extremely porous. How Would I Benefit From an Activated Carbon Filter?

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