Water Efficiency, What is it?

What is water efficiency
The process to reduce water wastage without bringing down efficiencies can be termed as bringing water efficiency. Green building forums across globe have defined various flow rate of water efficiency for faucets, shower, and home appliances to be termed as water efficient.

For example: A faucet dispenses 15 litres of water in a minute at 2 bar pressure. You can cut this water wastage by upto 80% by retrofitting existing faucet with lesser flow aerator(blue device on picture) say 3 LPM as per green building norm. The lesser flow faucet is water efficient and is as per green building norms.

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Key Benefits of Water Efficiency.

1. Save water & money.
2. Environment benefit.
3. Better image creation amongst stake holder.

4. Helps in environment compliance needs.

we greenishora along with Eco365 been helping properties in pune and across Maharashtra conserve water through water efficiency projects.

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