Raksha Bandhan Eco Friendly Gift Ideas: Innovative Last Minute Rakhi 2019 Gifts for Brothers & Sisters to Celebrate Indian Festival

It is that time of the year again, when brothers and sisters rack their brains over innovative ideas to give the best possible gift to our loving sibling! Raksha Bandhan is a symbol of the bonding between brothers and sisters. It is that time of the year when brothers renew the pledge of protecting their sisters. It is celebrated by the sister by tying a symbolical ‘Rakhi’ on the brother’s wrist, who in return showers her with gifts.so why not give her Raksha Bandhan Eco Friendly Gift

So, why not give her some eco friendly sustainable lifestyle this Raksha Bandhan that may not only help her to make her life healthy, but also protect environment?

This gifts is not only unique but also attractive too. Let us take a look at some of hand picked gifts this Raksha Bandhan that your sister will treasure for a longer time.

Eco Air Purifier Bag

Air Purifying Bag

This is an innovative unique product which you can gift to your sister of any age.

This Air Purifier Bag is filled with High Quality Activated Charcoal which naturally absorbs odor, pollutants and humidity from air and make it fresh to breath. Presently almost all of us using air fresheners everywhere to get rid of odur and make air filled with fragrance, but unfortunately these fresheners contains harmful chemicals like FORMALDEHYDE, ACETALDEHYDE , BHT which are causing allergies, skin irritations, coughing, burning in the eyes, nose and throat, or nausea headache and long term chronic diseases, respiratory lesions and even cancer.

Eco Friendly Air Purifier Bag is best eco and pocket friendly replacement for air fresheners, which naturally absorbs the odor from air.

Your Sister will love to use this bag at multiple places like Smelly Gym Bag, Gym Rack, Car, Bathroom, Shoes, Portable Purse, wardrobes and in kitchen too. Even she can use this air purifier in her bedroom or in office cabin to make air fresh and healthy. This bag is non-electric and works for almost 2 years just charging in sunlight once a month. Looking at its usages and effectiveness your sister definitely call you and ask for providing more bags. Check link Air Purifying Bag to order high quality air purifier bag

Water Saver Aerator 98%

Tiny Water Aerator Saves 98% Water
Tiny Water Aerator

Its one more must needed product in every sisters house, we are seeing everywhere because of global worming rain fall decreases day by day and not only villages but also metro cities like Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi  facing worst. And you know very well when water crisis comes to home our sisters are suffering more, they have to struggle to manage there work in available water or they have to walk miles to get the 1 small drum of water. She has to wake up in the night to wait for water tankers.. Water Conservation and saving is best solution to get rid of all of these crisis. Water Saver Aerator are innovative product which will help to reduce water wastage upto 98% in homes. This product comes in different variations like 70% saving, 98% Saving and 60% saving. This gets fit to any of the tap. This Aerator not only save water in your sister’s house but also helping other sisters in country to get there water. Check Link to order best water aerator

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