ClayPops is a lightweight aggregate made by heating clay. It is a unique Green Construction Material which is 100% Natural.

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) is a myth-breaking, cost-effective and revolutionary technology that is not only going to change the way we construct buildings and infrastructure but also improve the way we do gardening, irrigation, water filtering and the way we handle geotechnical applications.



Light weight, strong, porous & cellular nature of ClayPops helps manage air, water and solid particulate matter, it reduce compaction, increase soil porosity and maintains soil temperature.

– Ideal for replacement of soil
– Allows better aeration to roots
– Stores more water and nutrition
– Prevent root rots
– Reduces watering frequencies
– Decorative in nature
– Cost saving
– Makes pot light weight
– Prevents compact or solid condition
– Prevents growth of weeds and insects


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