PCMC based startup helping city to get rid of disposable dinnerware waste with innovative service

Rent-ECO-Cutlery providing dinnerware on rental basis for small to small parties with washing and delivery facility.    

House parties are the best thing ever! Birthday bashes, housewarming, Pooja, Kitty Party, celebratory occasions—people who love to entertain cannot have enough of them.

The sad reality is that sometimes a house party can generate more waste than a single household’s entire months’ worth of garbage because of use of disposable thermocol plastic dinnerware plates, glasses, spoons usage.

Lots of environment lovers don’t want to use these disposable and generate waste, but they were not getting good alternative for it. The amount of waste generated by a single house party in our city is often equivalent to a month’s waste from the same household.

There is traditional way of using steel cutlery, but people having issue with it’s hygiene, washing and transportation from cutlery banks.

Pimpri Chinchwad PCMC City based couple Ganesh Bora and Reshma Bora have given thought on these primary stoppers which are stopping people to use steel cutlery.

Ganesh Bora Said, We had a brainwave – why not make dinnerware available for parties on rent? This simple idea could prevent loads of garbage from reaching landfills and harming the environment.

After lots of brain storming, we have came up with sustainable solution “Rent-ECO-Cutlery” startup, startup helps to make parties ecofriendly by providing alternative to Disposables dinnerware on Rent basis by overcoming problems in traditional methods.

Rent-ECO-Cutlery startup providing Steel cutlery plates, tumbler, spoon, compartment dishes and cotton napkin on rental basis in PCMC and Pune area. Specialty of this service is that it is providing home to home delivery of cutlery and also offering washing of plates offside. People just have to give them call couple of hours before party they are providing clean hygiene and  sparkling dishes, After Party people need not to bother about washing plates they can just remove leftover and keep dishes aside, Rent-ECO-Cutlery” team will pick up dinnerware as is to perform washing at “Rent-ECO-Cutlery” side.

Rent-ECO-Cutlery is self sustainable business model, Through washing service Rent-ECO-Cutlery providing employment to underprivileged women’s. Startup has started on 1st Jan 2019 and till Oct-2019 in 10 months it has saved 30 thousands disposables polluting landfill.

There is biodegradable areca plates available for alternative to plastic thermocol plates but cost of this is high and also energy, water required to manufacture it very huge. Also degradation time required for these plates is more than 180 days. Over as Steel Cutlery provided by Rent-ECO-Cutlery is pocket friendly and environment friendly option.

Startup is also working towards using eco friendly bio-enzymes and use less water for washing utensils.

People can get more details on this eco friendly initiative from www.greenishora.com or simple give whatsapp message to Reshma Bora 8605014087 | Ganesh Bora 8888870703 Along with this concept GreenishORA Solution is working on various innovative things for Water Saving, Plastic Pollution and Air Pollution, Soil Pollution by providing good alternative to people.

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