Raksha Bandhan Eco Friendly Gift Ideas: Innovative Last Minute Rakhi 2019 Gifts for Brothers & Sisters to Celebrate Indian Festival

It is that time of the year again, when brothers and sisters rack their brains over innovative ideas to give the best possible gift to our loving sibling! Raksha Bandhan is a symbol of the bonding between brothers and sisters. It is that time of the year when brothers renew the pledge of protecting their sisters. It is celebrated by the sister by tying a symbolical ‘Rakhi’ on the brother’s wrist, who in return showers her with gifts.so why not give her Raksha Bandhan Eco Friendly Gift

So, why not give her some eco friendly sustainable lifestyle this Raksha Bandhan that may not only help her to make her life healthy, but also protect environment?

This gifts is not only unique but also attractive too. Let us take a look at some of hand picked gifts this Raksha Bandhan that your sister will treasure for a longer time.

Eco Air Purifier Bag

Air Purifying Bag

This is an innovative unique product which you can gift to your sister of any age.

This Air Purifier Bag is filled with High Quality Activated Charcoal which naturally absorbs odor, pollutants and humidity from air and make it fresh to breath. Presently almost all of us using air fresheners everywhere to get rid of odur and make air filled with fragrance, but unfortunately these fresheners contains harmful chemicals like FORMALDEHYDE, ACETALDEHYDE , BHT which are causing allergies, skin irritations, coughing, burning in the eyes, nose and throat, or nausea headache and long term chronic diseases, respiratory lesions and even cancer.

Eco Friendly Air Purifier Bag is best eco and pocket friendly replacement for air fresheners, which naturally absorbs the odor from air.

Your Sister will love to use this bag at multiple places like Smelly Gym Bag, Gym Rack, Car, Bathroom, Shoes, Portable Purse, wardrobes and in kitchen too. Even she can use this air purifier in her bedroom or in office cabin to make air fresh and healthy. This bag is non-electric and works for almost 2 years just charging in sunlight once a month. Looking at its usages and effectiveness your sister definitely call you and ask for providing more bags. Check link Air Purifying Bag to order high quality air purifier bag

Water Saver Aerator 98%

Tiny Water Aerator Saves 98% Water
Tiny Water Aerator

Its one more must needed product in every sisters house, we are seeing everywhere because of global worming rain fall decreases day by day and not only villages but also metro cities like Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi  facing worst. And you know very well when water crisis comes to home our sisters are suffering more, they have to struggle to manage there work in available water or they have to walk miles to get the 1 small drum of water. She has to wake up in the night to wait for water tankers.. Water Conservation and saving is best solution to get rid of all of these crisis. Water Saver Aerator are innovative product which will help to reduce water wastage upto 98% in homes. This product comes in different variations like 70% saving, 98% Saving and 60% saving. This gets fit to any of the tap. This Aerator not only save water in your sister’s house but also helping other sisters in country to get there water. Check Link to order best water aerator

air fresheners may be harmful to your health

Your sweet-smelling home may be upping your risk of serious health issues, including cancer. whether you want your house to smell like clean laundry or a meadow at dawn, rest assured, there’s an air fresheners for that. But did you know that your sweet-smelling air fresheners may be damaging your health?

Air Fresheners Might Cause Health Issues
Air Fresheners Might Cause Health Issues

Air-fresheners all contain standard, commercially available chemical compounds responsible for neutralizing odors and creating their scent.

4 Common Air Fresheners Chemicals


Unfortunately, ‘fragrance’ is an umbrella term and can include many, many toxic chemicals that are mixed together, to mask the smell of the other toxins in the product.

fragrance is linked to allergies, asthma and other respiratory concerns, hormone disruptions and may be linked to reproductive issues.



It is a chemical used in many household products and building materials. It’s also used as a fungicide, disinfectant and preservative in medical labs.

Its Immediate reactions might include skin irritations, coughing, burning in the eyes, nose and throat, or nausea. But the long-term effects can be much more grave. The Environmental Protection Agency says that chronic exposure can be linked to allergic contact dermatitis, respiratory lesions and even cancer. More specifically, the National Cancer Institute outlines studies where researchers have found links between formaldehyde and leukemia.

3. BHT

Most of the cosmetics, cleaning products contains the BHT.

It can potentially damage our livers and kidneys. It can mimic the effects of estrogen and inhibit male sex hormones. And it can promote the growth of tumours.


It is used synthetically in perfumes and dyes, as a preservative in fruit and fish, and as a solvent in the rubber, tanning and paper industries. It is connected to allergies, asthma, cancer and skin and respiratory irritation, plus it may cause problems to our reproductive systems. Check

Environmental concerns of using air fresheners

Almost every single household item has some component which is harmful to the environment.
From the plastic wrapping on a block of cheese to the circuit boards in your electronic devices, plastic compounds and toxins abound.

  • Air-fresheners are no different in that respect.
  • Production Process requires energy and water
  • They contain plastic wrapping, they come with plastic lids.
  • The packaging alone creates waste and is something from which we cannot simply escape.

Manufacturers can consider using recyclable plastics and packaging as a selling point that will be attractive to the environmentally-conscious consumer.

How can consumers mitigate the harmful effects of air-fresheners?


Find the source of the odour. Air fresheners don’t destroy odours, they just cover them up by messing with our sense of smell. Discover what is making your environment so stinky – dirty laundry, a messy sink, a household pet that rolled around in the mud? – and clean it up


If something is smelly, use nature’s air freshener – actual fresh air!

Activated Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

Activated charcoal filters are small pieces of carbon, typically in granular or powdered block form, that have been treated to be extremely porous. How Would I Benefit From an Activated Carbon Filter?

Air Purifying Charcoal Bag – Nirgandha

Nirgandha Air Purifying Charcoal Bag is non-electric eco friendly air purifier. It can be easily revitalized by placing it in the sun once a month for an hour. Its purpose is to absorb any kind of odour, pollutants, dust and allergens. Also moisture which leads to the decline in the growth of moulds.

The bag is suitable to be used in a small room or a bathroom. It is successfully keeps it smelling fresh. It is 100% non-toxic, scent-free and highly eco-friendly, the bag is a safe alternative to conventional air fresheners that are filled with formaldehyde, petroleum and fragrance. After you are done using it, you can recycle it by using it in your garden. It helps in retaining plant moisture which increases the growth.

Much better than bamboo charcoal Nirgandha uses activated charcoal which has higher number of pores as well as lower pore size enabling it to absorb odor and pollutants much better than the cheaper bamboo charcoal used in most other brands of air purifying bags. Made in India and best in the world: If you find superior quality of activated charcoal used in any non-electric air purifying bag sold anywhere in the world you get 100% refund on your purchase.


Safe alternative to air fresheners

Long lasting: Nirgandha will last for over a year when conventional air fresheners barely last a month. No harmful sprays or perfumes: Nirgandha is a safe alternative to conventional air fresheners that are filled with formaldehyde, petroleum and fragrance which can lead to numerous health problems.


Affordable than electric air purifiers

Cost-friendly and portable: Nirgandha is a lot less expensive than electric air purifiers, and can be easily used in places that do not have an electric point. Does not emit harmful ozone: Nirgandha is 100% natural unlike ionic car air purifiers that emit ozone which is not only harmful for our health but also harmful for the environment.


Much better than bamboo charcoal

Nirgandha uses activated charcoal which has higher number of pores, as well as lower pore size enabling it to absorb odor and pollutants much better than the cheaper bamboo charcoal used in most other brands of air purifying bags.

Made in India and best in the world: If you find superior quality of activated charcoal used in any non-electric air purifying bag sold anywhere in the world you get 100% refund on your purchase.


Key Features of Nirgandha

  • Non-electric and can be easily rejuvenated
  • Absorbs moisture that reduces moulds
  • 100% non-toxic, scent-free and eco-friendly
  • Traps odour, pollutants, dust and allergens
  • Can keep a small room or bathroom smelling fresh
  • Can be recycled by using in gardens

What is Activated Charcoal


Activated Carbon Filters: What They Are & How They Work

If you use an air purification system, or are shopping for one, you may be familiar with activated carbon filters. With so many air purifier filters to choose from, you may wonder how an activated carbon filter works or what the benefits of using one are. Don’t let their small stature fool you; these clever filters are major combaters of everything from allergens and harsh pollutants to unpleasant tastes and odors. They rely on the process of adsorption to remove and capture impurities, so that all you’re left with is fresh, breathable air. Here is a closer look at how these small filters can make a big improvement in your overall air quality.

What is an Activated Carbon Filter?

Activated carbon filters are small pieces of carbon, typically in granular or powdered block form, that have been treated to be extremely porous.
It is so cavernous, in fact, that just one gram of activated carbon can easily have a surface area of 500m2 or higher. Vast surface area enables these carbon filters to adsorb exponentially more contaminants and allergens than traditional carbon.

Adsorption is a distinct process where organic compounds in the air or water react chemically with the activated carbon, which causes them to stick to the filter. The more porous the activated carbon is, the more contaminants it will capture. These filters are most notably used to remove hazardous compounds in home air purification systems.

How Would I Benefit From an Activated Carbon Filter?

There are many benefits associated with using activated carbon filters. These purifiers can be used to rid your air of unwanted or harmful contaminants that can pose a hazard to your health. In air purification systems, activated carbon filters can be used in conjunction with HEPA filters to trap known allergens and impurities like:

  • Dust
  • Lint
  • Mold spores
  • Smoke
  • Pet hair
  • Common household chemicals
  • Benzene and other VOCs

Carbon filters also help eliminate unpleasant odors so your indoor air remains fresh. Used together, activated carbon and HEPA filters can trap 99.97% of small particles 0.3 microns and higher as well as most larger particles, especially spores. Activated carbon filters can particularly benefit people who suffer allergies or aggravation from impure air, including second hand smoke. If you are or live with a smoker, using an activated carbon filter in your home air purification system can provide unparalleled benefits to your respiratory health.

How do Activated Carbon Filters Work?

Although a filtration system that uses chemical reactions to decontaminate air may sound complicated, it is actually rather simple. Activated carbon is typically sold in thick or thin packets for air filtration. It is then inserted into the main purifying device, such as an air purifier or HEPA air filter.

Contaminated air enters the filtration system, passes through the active carbon, undergoes adsorption, and leaves the filter purified. If used in conjunction with a HEPA filter, the activated carbon works to prevent larger particles like dust and lint from reaching it, enabling the HEPA filter to perform better and last longer.

Are all Activated Carbon Filters the Same?

All activated carbon filters remove a significantly higher amount of air pollutants than regular carbon filters, however there are some distinctions. Some filters contain more activated carbon than others, and this can affect the capacity for impurity removal. The more activated carbon in a filter, the more contaminants it will catch and the faster it will adsorb.

Additionally, high levels of activated carbon increase a filter’s lifetime. It will require fewer replacements and keep emitting fresh air longer. Another factor that influences filtering rate is the size of activated carbon particles.

Typically, smaller particles yield faster adsorption rates. The most advanced activated carbon filters, like those found in Blueair air purifiers, are infused with other compounds like magnesium dioxide and copper oxide to remove even more hazardous pollutants from the air, such as carbon monoxide, ethylene oxide, and ozone. Some modern activated carbon filters are also more adept at preventing a buildup of bacteria that can occur naturally over time.

Activated carbon filters are an important addition to any air purification system. They can be used alone or in conjunction with other filters to significantly reduce the amount of impurities in your home or office. Whether you choose a basic or advanced model, you can breathe easy using an activated carbon filter.

GreenishORA Natural Air Purifier 

It have more activated carbon than others, and this can affect the capacity for impurity removal.

It last for 2 years just by doing recharge in sunlight after every month.

For more details check GreenishORA Air Purifier

Water Efficiency, What is it?

What is water efficiency
The process to reduce water wastage without bringing down efficiencies can be termed as bringing water efficiency. Green building forums across globe have defined various flow rate of water efficiency for faucets, shower, and home appliances to be termed as water efficient.

For example: A faucet dispenses 15 litres of water in a minute at 2 bar pressure. You can cut this water wastage by upto 80% by retrofitting existing faucet with lesser flow aerator(blue device on picture) say 3 LPM as per green building norm. The lesser flow faucet is water efficient and is as per green building norms.

Check some links about more details about water efficient homes

Key Benefits of Water Efficiency.

1. Save water & money.
2. Environment benefit.
3. Better image creation amongst stake holder.

4. Helps in environment compliance needs.

we greenishora along with Eco365 been helping properties in pune and across Maharashtra conserve water through water efficiency projects.

Connect with us if you want to make your office, apartment or manufacturing unit water efficient and save money.

Contact us for more details and bulk buy.

startup helping Maharashtra to save 30 lacks liter water per Day

After seeing lots of water crisis in urban cities as well villages in maharashtra due to drought and river water pollution We GreenshORA thought on taking initiative to save water and reduce water shortage and river pollution.

After searching around we get to know that there is water aerator which are saving 70% of water in houses, but people are not aware about it.

Last year we have got ECO365 water saving fixers in our house and started water saving, after seeing amazing water saving we thought on making awareness in public regarding using the same to save water.

And our GreenishORA Solutions journey started with awareness as well as quick and easy installation in various parts of pune city.

In last 10 months we have conducted lots of awareness session on water conservation and techniques to save water. In these awereness session Rotary Club Of Walhelarwadi helped us along with there all Club members. club is actively working on saving 24 km pawana river by removing hyacinth.

Aerator is small device which is helping to to control water flow, normal taps giving 15 to 16 liter water per minute where in after fixing water aerators they give 3 liter water per minute, so every tap retrofitted with aerators save 70% water per minute. These aerators can be fitted in kichen and wash basins.

After taking lots of efforts we have successfully fitted devices to almost 30 thousands taps in 20 thousands houses, considering every tap saves almost 100 liters water per day, these installation saving nearly 30,00,000 lacks liter water per day.

We have installed devices in all parts of pune and pimpri chinchwad, not ok only these two cities we have done awareness in mumbai, Goa, Nagpur, Amravati, chennai too.

We have aim of retrofitting 2 lacs taps in citi till next year summer.

You can easily send us one messages on Reshma Bora 8605015087 or greenishora@gmail.com and get these water saving areators delivered at your doorstep.

Rent Eco Cutlery Our Success Story

मागील बरेच दिवस स्वछ भारत अभियान प्लॅस्टीक बंदी आणि आमच्या ह्याच्या रोटरी क्लब ऑफ वाल्हेकरवाडी चे पवना नदी स्वछता अभियान चालू झाल्या पासून घरी कोणता कार्यक्रम झाला किंवा बाहेर कोणत्या शुभकार्यालाच्या, वाढदिवसाच्या कार्यक्रमाला जेवणासाठी जाऊन आले की मन व्यतीत व्हायचं ते जेवणानंतर होत असलेल्या प्लास्टिक थर्माकोल च्या डिश आणि ग्लास चा कचरा पाहून…

खूप विचार केला जर प्रत्येक जण भारत देश स्वछ करण्यासाठी प्रयत्न करत आहे तर ह्या ही गोष्टी वर काम करावे लागेल..बराच विचार करताना घरात चर्चा करताना लक्षात आले की आपल्या जुन्या काळी केटरिंग कडून स्टीलची भांडी भाड्याने आणली जात असत पण काळाच्या ओघात आणि वेळेच्या अभावी ती स्वछ करणे आणणे पुसणे आणि परत देणे आणि त्यातही त्या भांड्याचे hyagene हा प्रश्नःन असतोच… एवढा वेळ सध्या कोणाकडे नाही आणि त्यामुळे सर्रास नाईलाजाने प्लॅस्टीक आणि थर्माकोल असे घातक गोष्टी वापरल्या जात आहेत…

बर प्लॉब्लेम तर समजला पण सोडायचा कसा लोकांना च्या अडचणींवर मात कशी करायची ह्या वर विचार चालू केला मन काही स्वस्थ बसत नव्हते…

पवना नदी स्वछता करण्यासाठी वाहून घेतलेल्या आमच्या ह्याच्या बरोबर चर्चा करून उपाय सापडला.…ज्या गोष्टी च्या अडचणी मुळे लोक स्टीलची भांडी भाड्याने घेत नाहीत त्या सर्व अडचणी आपण सोडवायच्या आणि त्यांना सुखकर घरपोच स्वछ सुंदर चकाकणार्या #hygene अशी भांडी पुरवायची… कोणाकडे काकार्यक्रमा नंतर भांडी धुण्यास आणि सुकवण्यास जागा नसेल तर आहे तशी भांडी घेऊन येऊन ती आपल्या कडे स्वछ करायची…

शिवाय त्यांना कापडी रुमाल ही पुरवायचे ज्याने करून पेपर नॅपकिन चा कागद वाचेल झाडे वाचतील..

मंग सुरवात केली वस्तूची जुळवाजुळव करायला एका स्वप्नाला गाठायला..आणि बघता बघता #Rent-Eco-Cutlery ह्या संकल्पनेने आकार घेतला अनेकांना ती अल्पावधीत आवडली ही आज ह्या माध्यमातून स्वछ भारत अभियानात शहरासाठी काहीतरी करू शकत आहे ह्याच समाधान आहे.

– स्वछ चकाकणारी भांडी जी आमच्या बाजूला प्रत्येक वेळी पर्यावरण पूरक liquid वापरून घासून पुसून वाळवून ठेवव्याची काळजी घेतली जाते.
– घरपोच सुविधा
– स्वछ कापडी नॅपकिन

नक्कीच तुम्ही माझ्या ह्या संकल्पनेला साथ दयाल. तुमच्या घरात कोणतेही मंगल कार्य असेल तर नक्की संपर्क करा स्वछ सुंदर भांडी घरी येतील.

सध्या हा प्रकल्प पुणे आणि पिंपरी चिंचवड मध्ये बाणेर, पाषाण, चिंचवड, वाकड, पिंपळे सौदागर, कोथरूड, रावेत, राहाटणी, निगडी, चिंचवड, पिंपरी, सांगवी आदी भागात सुरू केला आहे… लवकरच शहराच्या सर्व भागात आणि महाराष्ट्रातील इतर शहरात ही चालू करण्याच प्रयत्न करत आहे..

For More Details Reach us at  :

GreenishORA | 8605014087
greenishora@gmail.com | www.greenishora.com

Rent Eco-Cutlery

Don’t hesitate to use non-disposable wares just because they have to be cleaned. We are taking responsibility of cleaning the dirty dishes at our end.

Now you can rent clean and Hygiene steel cutlery for all your parties.

– Steel plate, Spoon, Bowl and Glass
– Eco-friendly
– Hygienic & Sanitized
– Sanitized using natural cleaners
– Door Delivery option available
– Option of cleaning the dirty dishes at our end
– Service Available in PCMC & Pune

For More Details Reach us at  :

GreenishORA | 8605014087
greenishora@gmail.com | www.greenishora.com


Zero-Plastic Parties: Initiatives That Let You Rent Plates & Cutlery

Available In Pune and PCMC Area

While working in various initiative on saving environment we have observed that there is lost of garbage getting generated from small parties like Birthday, Pooja, Kitty Party, Get Together, Cultural Programs celebrated at homes for serving foods people are using plastic disposable plates and glasses.

Lots of environment lovers don’t want to use these disposable and generate waste, but they were not getting good alternative for it.

There s traditional way of using steel cutlery, but people having issue with it’s hygine and cleaning and also transportation.

The amount of waste generated by a single house party in our city is often equivalent to a month’s waste from the same household.

So we have given thought on these primary stoppers which are stopping people to use steel cutlery.

After lots of brain storming we came up with sustainable solution “Rent ECO Cutlery” Make Your Parties Eco-Friendly by Switching from Disposables to Dinnerware on Rent.

We had a brainwave – why not make dinnerware available for parties on rent? This simple idea could prevent loads of garbage from reaching landfills and harming the environment.

One of the advantages of choosing disposables over reusable ware is the convenience of not having to wash and clean them.

However, We have solution for that too.

We have decided our clients shouldn’t hesitate to use non-disposable wares just because they have to be cleaned. Rent-Eco-Cutlery takes on the responsibility of cleaning the dirty dishes too.

The dinnerware is picked up as is after the party and GreenishORA Team cleans it at their end. So the convenience aspect stays intact and hygiene is taken care of too.

If you are in Pune OR Pimpri Chinchwad, you know now what to do when you next host your party.

Caterers in city do provide plates on rent but We supplies entire dining sets, which include plates, bowls, spoons, water glasses, and even cloth napkins.

Check out Our facebook page and Website to know more.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RentEcoCutlery/

Areas Where We Serve

We are operational in below of areas in pimpri chinchwad and pune

Baher, Hinjawadi, Chinchwad, Wakad, Nigdi, Pimple Saudagar, Thergav, pimpari, Moshi, Rahatani, sangavi, Ravet, Balewadi, Aundh

Let’s us know if your area is not listed above. Will definitely do needful.

What We Provide

  • Dinner Dish
  • Spoon
  • Fork
  • Bowl
  • Glass
  • Cotton Napkin
  • PavBhaji Dish

Call us on 8605014087 to book your eco friendly party we are ready with clean hygiene dinnerware.